30 October 2014

Change of Address

FOR THE FIRST time since our move to France, we no longer live in the village of Le Rouret.  Because the owner of the house we have been in for the past two years is using it for himself this year (actually, it is his daughter who will be using it) we had to find a new place to live. Slightly stressful, to be sure, but Kerri and I love change and the idea of trying to find a new place to live is, well, kind of fun.

We landed close-by near a small, medieval village.  Our house isn't directly in the old village, which is too bad in some ways, but we're very close and -- as you can see -- we have reason to be happy with the new place.  Warm, sunny weather in October 30 doesn't hurt.

Halloween decorations, of course.

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Michel said...

Your new place would be very easy to get used to. Enjoy your time there.