31 October 2014

Posts from the Past

IN SEPTEMBER OF 2007, just a few weeks after we arrived in France, I put up a post titled Some Things that will Take Getting Used To and  highlighted the following things:
  • buying milk (lait) by the six-pack
  • paying $5+ for a gallon of gas
  • not ever getting coffee to go (closest Starbucks is about 5 hours away)
  • remember that eating out for dinner will take at least 1 1/2 hours -- minimum
  • eating chevre
  • understanding that motor scooters pay no attention to the rules of the road
  • remembering to bring our own bags to the supermarket
  • everything is closed on Sunday afternoon
  • peanut butter is difficult to find
  • Dr. Pepper is impossible to find
  • trying to learn the passé composé form of verbs
Now that seven years have passed, how are we doing on this front?  Let's run through the list again and give a little progress report..
  • buying milk (lait) by the six-pack -- Got over it pretty quickly, not a problem.
  • paying $5+ for a gallon of gas -- I wish -- it's now about $7 a gallon.
  • not ever getting coffee to go (closest Starbucks is about 5 hours away) -- Good news!  We now have Starbucks -- one at each of the local malls in Nice.  And Subway now serves coffee-to-go.
  • remember that eating out for dinner will take at least 1 1/2 hours, minimum -- Not if you stick to pizza!
  • eating chevre -- I'm trying, I swear.  But not there yet.
  • understanding that motor scooters pay no attention to the rules of the road -- No hope for this one.
  • remembering to bring our own bags to the supermarket -- It's a simple concept, really.  But I can't grasp it for some reason.  We have a stack of dozens of bags at home because every time I go to the supermarket I forget bags and have to buy new ones.
  • everything is closed on Sunday afternoon -- This is beginning to change as France experiments with the idea of entering the modern world.
  • peanut butter is difficult to find -- Best solution: make your own, which we do.  Easy. Cheap. Delicious.
  • Dr. Pepper is impossible to find -- No longer the case.  Not only is it easier to find in stores, but at the cafe at my school they have cold cans for sale!!  Seismic change since 2007.
  • trying to learn the passé composé form of verbs -- Come to find out, passé composé was easy compared to all the other verb forms.  I'm still struggling with the Conditional!!


anjlina bond said...
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Michel said...

Nice to see you posting again...you are most entertaining. Bringing your own bags has spread to Northern CA as the area tries to go green. They now charge you for paper bags, won't give you plastic anymore but do give you a bag credit if you bring your own. With all due respect, I think the invasion of Starbucks is a step backwards, not a positive thing. When we were in Paris a few weeks ago, and saw Starbucks all over, it really made me want to retch. I won't go into Starbucks here, let alone in France.

Betty C. said...

I am also trying to revive my blog La France Profonde, little by little. I have missed it. I started another themeless one but never really got into it. I will try to keep tabs on you. Good luck in starting your blogging again!

Betty C. said...

Also, I think I may remember that post from so long ago!

I can now get coffee-to-go at a Starbucks-style café in the area I work in in Rodez.

I have noticed in the USA, a lot of people are bringing their own shopping bags now...and a lot of places here in Rodez have gone back on their "bring your own bag" policy.

I never really missed peanut butter, although I buy some here occasionally.

My daughters used to LOVE Dr. Pepper in the USA and were a bit miffed when it came to France...

I always broke up the milk 6-packs with gay abandon...I think that can be done.

Those are the things from your list that struck me the most!

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