31 July 2007


THE REASON THAT we are moving to France is because my husband has taken a teaching position at the Centre International du Valbonne (CIV), an international school in Sophia Antipolis. If you have Google Earth you can type in Sophia-Antipolis and see that someone in the Google community has marked CIV. Sophia Antipolis is about 3 km from the town of Antibes in the Alpes-Maritimes section of France.

CIV is actually a French school (run by the French Ministry of Education) that has a large anglophone section. This English section is taught by native-English speakers and is run by an organization called ASEICA. While he will work for the school -- he's actually paid and officially employed by ASEICA. A bit complicated but as I am learning, very little in France is not complicated.

Departing August 20

THE DATE IS finally getting close. We'll leave for France on August 20 on a flight from New York. Once we arrive we'll have plenty to do to keep us busy: set up bank accounts, buy a car (and maybe a scooter for me!), get auto insurance, settle in the temporary house, get the kids registered for school, prepare for classes, and the list goes on and on.