09 December 2014

Still lots of Hockey

OUR YOUNGEST IS still enjoying his time playing for the youth club of Les Aigles de Nice -- the Division 1 pro hockey team.  The club now has an unofficial-official photographer and she captured a lot of great photos of last week's U11 game against Marseille (a 2-1 win for Nice).

Still my favorite hockey photo -- partly because the match was OUTDOORS at the top of Alpe d'huez (hence the eye-black)

01 December 2014

Weather Karma?

ABOUT A MONTH ago I posted a little blurb (a link to it here) which included a photo of our current house and a short explanation about how spectacular the weather was during our October break.  Since that day, the area has received a record amount of rainfall -- over 500 mm for the month; more than 5x the normal amount for one month.

Perhaps the 'our weather is better than your weather' jabs should stop.