07 April 2011


THE FRENCH DON'T really do Halloween like we do in the States, but that doesn't mean there's not a day to dress up and get crazy. At the CIV crazy costume day isn't in late fall, it's in early spring.

Like today. Carnival took place between 11:00 and 1:00 on this gorgeous day as the entire school descended on the Agora for a massive "fashion" show -- complete with loud, thumping music, judges, and lots of creative costumes. I was one of the few teachers (OK, maybe the only one) who participated. To be fair I only quassi-participated because all I did was throw on a hockey jersey and grab a stick. When I got to the Agora I ran into Julien, a terminale students from Mexico (but who lived for a few years in Canada) and he put me to shame by busting out an entire hockey uniform -- complete with roller blades. I was jealous. But we walked the catwalk together and put on a little fake faceoff and fist-i-cuffs for the crowd.

Of course, my Washington Capitals jersey was only part of the Scriven Family costume, as Patrick and Julia donned other sports-themed ensembles from the DC area. We had both a Nationals and Orioles jersey for Julia but she went with the black and orange (good girl!!).

Man, I wish I'd worn the full gear. (By the way, how great/awful are European hockey jerseys? Gotta love the Nice youth team sweater)

Representin': Skins, Caps, O's

Boy, the French really do love Obama.

Patrick (Santana Moss) with his buddy Declan (Chad Pennington)

Prepa! PSCI 1 students

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