10 April 2011

Just a Sunday

MORE OFTEN THAN not, the posts on this blog simply recount fun or interesting things that have happened to our family during this little French adventure we are having. When Kerri and I go back and read old posts it is often the day-to-day things we do (or don't do) that are the most fun to remember. Invariably, the 'normal' moments involve embarrassing or downright stupid things we have done that usually end-up costing us lots of money. Of course, the not so ordinary (traveling, sights, chance meetings with famous people, etc.) are fun as well.

But today was one off those ordinary days that I hope I remember when we finally leave this part of the world. There was absolutely nothing spectacular about it -- except that it was great. What did we do? Nothing, really. It started for me at about 6:45 with a couple of hot cups of coffee and a quick read of the Washington Post online (that's how every Sunday starts). By 8:30 the boys were awake -- making crepes -- and I was setting my computer up on the patio outside to do some work for school -- video editing (don't ask), grading papers, preparing for the week's classes. (Because it was a bit cool this morning I had on shorts and my warm Capitals sweatshirt -- perfect). At about 11:00 I stepped away from the table where I was working and stretched out on the deck next to the pool and...took a 20 minute nap. Now, where I come from, a nap by 11:00am means you are having an astounding day.

The next couple hours involved playing a bit with the kids, doing some work, poking around on the internet, and marinating the beef for the Provencal Beef with red wine sauce that I was going to make a bit later. By early afternoon our very late lunch/very early dinner was on the stove cooking very, very slowly and I was sitting in front of the television watching the Paris-Roubaix bike race. Now I love cycling, but even I have trouble watching 4 straight hours of racing so I took breaks: checked the food, graded a paper or two, played a bit of baseball with the two boys in the house, checked on the kids' homework (OK, Kerri did most of that). At about 3:00 I did something that was truly fantastic: I took another short nap -- again out in the sun by the pool.

3:30! Time to finalize our late lunch (make the salad, get the potatos ready) and watch the end of Paris-Roubaix. Great win for the Garmin Team. Patrick woke up from a nap (he's feeling a bit under the weather) just in time to see the final 10k.

Lunch/Dinner time at 4:30 -- and it was delicious. I always know the viande is good if Julia and Kerri eat it. They did. Henry wanted to eat outside so Patrick and I joined him out on the patio and the ladies stayed in the glassed-in area.

After dinner Henry wanted to play so -- being the terrific parents that we are -- we first had him take his bath, then we went outside and invented a game that involves a ping-pong ball, beach paddles, and our front steps. Not sure what we are going to call it, but it was pretty fun.

Showers for the older kids, then a movie while I did a little physical exercise downstairs (you should see me, I'm huge!).

Bed for the kids -- and I'm eating a fantastic desert Julia made while watching The Master's...Live!! Tiger is tied for the lead after 12 as I write.

Certainly not an extraordinary day. But in many ways, just the kind of Sunday I enjoy most.

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