04 April 2011

Little UN Tomorrow

ACTUALLY, THE OFFICIAL name is Model United Nations (MUN) and I run the MUN program for collége (4eme and 3eme) students at my school and tomorrow we start at two day conference hosted by a local school in the area. The conference is in its second year and it is quite a fun activity as students role play delegations from a wide variety of countries. This year we will represent France and Russia and we have spent the past few weeks working on resolutions on topics ranging from nuclear proliferation to the overfishing of seas.

You can see more at the website: www.emun.fr

Each delegations brings an Ambassador (Judy and Alexandre in our case), a Security Council Representative, and a representative for the Political, ECOSOC, and Enrironment Committees. Over the course of the two day conference the students will work together to agree on a set of resolutions that must be passed by the General Assembly on Wednesday afternoon.

Can't wait to hear what the delegate from Iran has to say about nuclear proliferation. Especially since the delegate will probably be a 14 or 15 year-old.

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