19 March 2011

Two Great Weekends

I THINK MY two favorite back-to-back weekends of the year are in early March when we go see the Paris-Nice and Milan-San Remo cycling races. Last week we got to 2 stages of a very wet Paris-Nice (photos later) and today we are getting ready to drive over to San Remo, Italy to watch the finish of the first classic of the year.

And the weather today is beautiful! A little lunch on the beach, some shopping in Italy (where prices are significantly lower than in France), a mid-afternoon Italian expresso (which are significantly better than in France), then the final 500 meters of the race.

This is our fourth time to Milan-San Remo but our first by ourselves. It what was fun tradition/coincidence, we have gone to the previous three with friends who happened to be staying with us (Kevin/Lynn last year, Jim/Dana in '09, and Kamran/Gina in '08). We'll be a bit lonely this year.

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