19 March 2011

Milan-San Remo, a Hockey Shirt, and Filippo Pozzato

WE JUST GOT back from San Remo where we spent a beautiful Saturday sitting around waiting for a bunch on bikers to ride by for about 20 seconds. But the kids did well in terms of securing free-bees -- the biggest score being a full feeding-station bag from the Saxo-Bank team with loads of energy bars, protein goo, and water bottles.

Then, about 1 1/2 hours after the race I found myself in a small cafe in downtown San Remo sharing a coffee with Filippo Pozzato and the rest of the rest of the Katusha Team riders. More on that later. Meanwhile, here's a peak at what the race looks like...this footage from last year. (The 'coffee with Filippo Pozzato' incident was all because of the Washington Capitals t-shirt I was wearing. Again, explanation and details to come).

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