19 March 2011

Brackets Brackets

AMERICANS KNOW THAT late March is a great time of year for sports fans -- mainly because of what we call March Madness, the annual college basketball tournament that captivates the entire country for two weeks. The best part about the tournament is that people try to predict the outcome by filling out the brackets that are printed up on every newspaper website in the country. Even though we don't get to follow college basketball very carefully these days, we still fill out the brackets.

Here are the Final Four predictions for those who participated in our family:
  • Julia: Washington, Tennessee, Florida, Kansas
  • Henry: Hampton, Florida, Notre Dame, Ohio State
  • Patrick: Ohio State, UConn, Kansas, Kansas State
  • Mine: Syracuse, Arizona, Kansas, Wisconsin
It's fun to pick when you don't really know anything about the teams. My knowledge of this year's field is basically that Jimmer Ferdette is pretty good and Ohio State has been the best all year. That being said, Patrick went 28-4 in the first round!!! How do you go 28-4?!?!

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