03 August 2010

The Growing Peleton

I'M NOT A fanatic, but I love cycling. I like watching it; reading about it; doing it; and most importantly, pretending I'm better at it than I am. One of the fun things that always happens when Kerri's parents come for a visit each summer is that Les and I go out every morning for a ride before breakfast. Two summers ago we cycled around the Aude and Ariege regions of southern France. Last summer we toured the Alsace region near Strasbourg -- even managing to ride into Germany one morning. (videos and recaps here, here, and a trip along the Alsace Wine Route here.)

Two summers ago it was just Les and I who hit the roads each morning. Last summer Patrick began getting in on it -- joining us a couple of times for longish rides. But this summer we have added a fourth:Henry thinks he can do 30-40 km with us, he really does. But we usually work it like this: after our longer ride, we do a quick 2-3 km tour with Henry, who thinks it is great. When we get close to the house he sprints ahead and puts one hand in the air -- index finger extended -- to signify that he has clearly won the race.


jim said...

I see you picked up a jersey to match your helmet! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

Tahniat said...

Awh,,,,my little Henner is riding as well...we have to get the two little ones to go out riding together...Maybe this summer you guys come with your bikes and the big men along with the big boys and the little ones too can go for long rides.