26 July 2008

TDF Video

HERE'S THE VIDEO evidence of our experience with the Tour de France. My considerable editing skills have produced a top-quality video montage of the stages we went to see. We went to four stages and have video from three. The first minute or so is just preliminary stuff -- but it does show a bit of the caravan that rolls through before each stage. Youl'll also see some video evidence of the luck we had in Narbonne when Patrick, Julia, and I were given passes into the team/press area.

The little video shows the last 250 meters or so in Foix (stage 11); the cyclists rolling Puivert (km 27 of stage 12); and some pre-race moments from stage 13 in Narbonne.


1 comment :

Dave Cooper said...

Love this video. It reminds me that I have to plan a vacation around the Tour one year. Thanks for posting!

-Dave (Friend of Torbjorn)