11 March 2010

Race to the Sun III

BY 'III" I mean it's our third Paris-Nice race this weekend. Whether my family likes it or not (and they say they do!) we go to at least one, usually two stages of the Paris-Nice race every year. With no hockey/baseball/basketball/football I am left with cycling as one of the sports I really enjoy watching and 'doing'. The second to last stage will roll by about 3 km from our house on its way to a Tourettes-sur-Loup finish and we're going to meet a few friends to watch the category two climb up to Chateauneuf. The climb is one I've done loads of times and I can't wait to see how much faster the pros go than I do. I'm going to guess they are going to go at least 3 times faster than me, probably 4. It was at last year's Paris-Nice that we were at the right spot to see Alberto Contador crack -- something you don't see everyday.


Corine said...

I am jealous...that sounds really fun and I love the locations. 4 Times faster is not that bad in the scheme of things. In my case it would be a complete disaster ;)

chcmichel said...

I am jealous too! We really enjoyed watching the Tour de France stage last summer up Mont Ventoux. Wish we could be there with you guys.

Anonymous said...

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