14 March 2010

Paris-Nice Final Stage

I SWEAR, IF you stop this video at exactly the 4:19 mark you will see a handsome family of five watching Alberto Contador and Alejandro Valverde go flying by. We were about 200 meters above the incredible village of Eze for the final stage of the 2010 Paris-Nice. It was a great vantage point because the peleton passes by twice because of a little curcuit the race does near the end in Nice.

The past two days have been gorgeous and we've had fun watching the race at four different locations over the two days.

Here's the clip with Flemish commentary. If you hit the 4:20 mark you'll miss it. 4:18? That won't work either. The riders are going so fast we are kind of a blur. But we're there for almost a full second...right on the left of the road. :)

1 comment :

angus said...

We could hear you guys yelling as well.

It looks soooo nice. Wish we were there again!

jim & dana