10 March 2010

That's Going to Put Me Over the Edge

I'M UP TO my neck in work at the moment. With my teaching obligations and my new student obligations I'm juggling the grading of bac blanc papers, the writing of 4 research papers, preparation for classes, weekly trips to Geneva, and being a hockey goalie in the evenings while my kids try to score on me.

But I can deal with all of that; the late, late nights and the early, early mornings. What I'm not sure if I can deal with is the zit that has developed in my nose. Not on my nose, mind you. In my nose. What am I, 15? It's killing me.

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David Rubinson said...

Hello !
I moved to EZE in July. (I see its not on your list of places explored yet)
I was a volunteer kids hockey coach in my previous life, as well as many other more unusual things. Please email if you want to meet.
Would be my pleasure.
David Rubinson