25 October 2009

Reader Help (with photo update)

IT IS THAT time of year for us again -- time to renew the 'ol Carte de Séjour. I have a question that I hope somebody knows the answer to: As an American (non-EU) can I renew a Carte de Séjour at a Sous -Préfecture or do I have to go to a full Préfecture?

For our purposes, I'm basically asking if we have to go to Nice or can we go to the Sous Préfecture in Grasse?

If you know, let us know.

This is 'us' for the next year -- at least in terms of our identification card. Every year we have to go through this. We're preparing for a full day at either the adult prefecture or the kiddie prefecture; haven't decided yet. And the most important thing we will have with us are these sepia-toned photographs (and a stack of paperwork about 2 inches thick!)


jennie said...

A lot of times it just depends on where you live. Around here, you only go to the prefecture if you live within the city limits (Annecy, Chambéry, etc.). If you live in another town or village, you must go to the mairie and do the paperwork there and then they send it on to the prefecture. I'd look at your town's website (if there is one...) and see if it says what étrangers need to do.

J. et K. said...

We don't go to a 'grown up' Préf, so not sure. But I've contacted a friend to ask. I'm pretty sure they go to a sous-Préf.

The Telfers at Warragal Park said...

we just went to the Mairie and they sent it on.

French for a While said...

Thanks. We have access to the the regular and sous -- but the sous is closer and, I'm guessing, a bit less crazy. The prefecture in Nice is known to have fights break out in lines! The websites are a bit unclear.

Loulou said...

We've always renewed our at the sous-préfecture, through our Mairie.
Hope that helps!