25 October 2009

Nice Lunch, Cheap Dinner

WHILE PATRICK SPENT two hours making architectural plans for a house on graph paper (left), Julia and I made a very nice lunch. Since I don't get to cook very often during the week I try to make a nice lunch each Sunday afternoon -- and Julia and/or Patrick often help.

Today we did quite well with Ginger and Garlic Chicken Kebabs with Roasted Red Peppers; a tomato-chick pea salad, and a very nice Basmati Rice with Dates and Fresh Mint.

On the whole, very good indeed.

But because we had a nice, hearty lunch we went light for dinner. Really light. We chowed down on Ramen Noodles and Saltine Crackers. Total cost for dinner: just a bit under 3 Euros. For 5 people. Reminds me of my college days.

This afternoon we ate on our small table on the porch. Julia prepared the settings.

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