23 October 2009

A Bit of Poe

IN ADDITION TO teaching history and economics at the CIV, I also spend 5 hours a week teaching literature to 2nde students. You can only imagine the joy!

Today is the last day of class before the Toussaints break -- a (nearly) two week break that comes every October. I have 2nde English for one hour today, from 3-4pm. They are not going to be in the mood for much. That's why I'm just going to read them a story today. Just like your parents may have read to you when you were young. I'm going to turn the lights down, invite them to put their heads on their desks if the wish, bring a cup of coffee to class (for me), and just read to them.

And because Halloween is nearly here I'm choosing The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe. I'll read it in English (of course), but the famous opening lines are also quite good in French (sorry, no accent marks today as I'm on my American laptop):
Vrai! -- je suis tres nerveux, epouvantablement nerveux, -- je l'ai toujours ete; mais pourquoi pretendez-vous que je suis fou?
It's my favorite Poe short story.

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Penny said...

I love it too! I hope they enjoyed it :)