29 July 2009

Storks on the Wine Route

THE OTHER DAY it was monkeys, today it was storks. One of these days we'll take a trip along the Alsace Wine Route and actually look at some of the wines. But with three kids in tow, visiting storks seemed like the better play today. We were right.

The stork is the one of the main features and symbols of the Alsace region and nowwhere is that more on display that in the village of Hunawihr, where there is a 5.5 hectar habitat that is home to nearly 200 storks. Nestled among hectar after hectar of vinyards, the habitat allows the storks to fly freely and nest where they wish -- some choosing chimneys or church steeples in one of the many neighboring villages.

Among the storks

The fish will come up and suck your finger. Henry loved it.
Feeding Frenzy


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