30 July 2009

Reader Help Reqested

IF WE'RE POSTING to the World Wide Web, why not get a little feedback and advise. OK, here's the question:

We want to 'explore' a city or two for a weekend. Where should we go?
Here are some parameters:
  • We are now in Strasbourg, France.
  • Our limit is probably 6 hours by car (any more may result in physical harm to parents and/or kids).

So that puts the following cities into play: Amsterdam to the North; Prague to the East; most of Switzerland to the Southeast; Berlin to the Northeast (perhaps a stretch). And everything in between.

Suggestions please -- keeping in mind that if you give a recommendation and we end up not enjoying ourselves, you will be outed! And remember, literally dozens of people read this blog.



Dianne is for Paris said...

Bavaria! Your kids will love spending a couple of days exploring the castles.

Anonymous said...

What about to the West? Paris and the Loire Valley are a must.

Isabelle said...

I'm thinking Bruges in Belgium.
Simply beautiful!

The Nation's Capitals said...

I would say Amsterdam, but it doesn't exactly have the most family friendly reputation, if you catch my drift. Prague is tough to beat.

megan said...

We went as a family (kids were 4 and 7 at the time) to Amsterdam for 4 days and it was fantastic. Museums, parks, english movies, great fries and trams. What could be better?

Marlo said...

Luxembourg! Luxembourg City is beautiful, with huge valleys surrounding the city center. There is an amazing park in the city center with a gigantic pirate ship for kids to play. We are talking lifesize. Throughout the rest of the country there are old cities with castles, the best being in Vianden. You can walk through the entire castle and walk around the grounds. There were plenty of knights in shining armor, etc. Just wandering around the town Vianden is beautiful as well. Finally, Petite Suisse is a region with thick forests and streams that is beautiful and well-suited for hiking/walking. Kind of looks likes Robin Hood.

Second suggestion is Trier, Germany. Supposedly the oldest city in Germany, trier has a huge Roman gate called the Porta Nigra, Roman baths and ampitheatre, and a pretty sweet cathedral that you can visit the crypt. Trier also has the best pretzels I have ever eaten in my life. Writing this is making me want to go back.

Marlo said...

Vezelay and Noyers in France are pretty sweet as well. Good luck and have fun.

Erick said...

Brussels and Bruges get my vote.

Mathilde said...

Hard to beat Switzerland in the summer. The mountains are almost a beautiful as in the winter. Basel is great, too.