29 July 2009

A Surprise Visit and a Busy Couple of Weeks

ONE OF THE reasons we chose Strasbourg as our home for this summer is because it is so close to 'the rest' of Europe. And since Kerri's parents are here we are going to do a bit of traveling around -- perhaps to Belgium, Holland, and Paris. We also know that one of our stops will be Frankfurt because we have good friends (from DC) who now live there. We got to know them because they have a son who is the same age as Patrick and Julia and they were in school together at a French-immersion school in Silver Spring, MD. We'll talk more about them when we visit them in the next week or so.

But yesterday we got another surprise when another set of good friends (also from DC -- by way of France and Denmark) stopped by for a quick visit. Soren and Sandrine, along with their boys Marc and Thomas, live in Copenhagen and were travelling home from Sandrine's parent's house near Marseilles. Strasbourg turned out to be a good place to stop and, shall we say, catch their breath. This was a particularly exciting surprise for Patrick and Julia because, once again, Marc is a former classmate from the school in Silver Spring.

It is amazing, really, that three families who all had children in the same class, and who all moved from DC to Europe within 6 months of each other, still have a chance to see each other from time to time, but on another continent.

Soren and Sandrine

Does Henry have a new BFF?

Patrick and Marc look like two adults in deep conversation.

Great look! That's waht ice cream does to you I guess.

À bientôt.
So we'll be in and out for the next couple of weeks. Not for too long at a time, mind you, because 1)we have to take care of Couscous -- the precious little cat who lives in the house we are renting, and 2) there's still a lot to do right here around Strasbourg.

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