07 June 2009

2 Nights in Le Bar-sur-Loup

WE SPENT A nice (and long) evening in the old Chateau of Le Bar-sur-Loup last night because Patrick had his first violin recital here in France. Le Bar-sur-Loup is just over the mountain from our village, about 10 minutes away, and is a charming little Roman-era village known for perfumes and oranges. (photo)

The recital was organized by the music school in the village and featured all the students studying violin and guitar. I'm going to put up video shortly (mainly so the grandparents can watch) because the setting of this particular recital was incredible: the old dining hall of a 13th century chateau. The acoustics were magnificent and the arched ceiling was quite beautiful. When I was a kid I used to give recitals in a school gym! Patrick played two pieces, includng a beautiful duet with his teacher.

Tonight we are right back to Le Bar-sur-Loup because Patrick and Julia are in a play being put on by their theatre group. They have been rehearsing lines like crazy all week. (Yes, they've had months to learn them, but in good fashion they have waited until the pressure is on). We'll try to get video of tonight as well.

Late Update: Here's the video.


Anonymous said...

Very good Patrick. Loved both the solo and duet.

Pop Pop & Gi Gi

Anonymous said...

Wow, Patrick, your tone and technique are really really good. The sound in that chateau is incredible. Your duet with the teacher was lovely. We are very proud of you.

G-Becky & G-Pop