05 June 2009

An Interesting Film to Watch Online

JUNE 5 IS World Environment Day and to mark the occasion a documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand -- a renowned photographer and founding president of GoodPlanet.org -- made it's global premier today in theaters, on television, and on the internet. What's interesting about this film is that it is completely free (thanks to dozens of big name sponsors) and available on the internet right now.

This evening we decided to sit down with the computer )and a project capable of beaming an image onto a huge wall) and watch the film. The photography and cinematography is unreal, even surpasing Planet Earth at times. There are moments when the film is a bit preachy, but the general tenor is provacative and thought provoking -- and don't forget visually stunning. The film is called 'Home' and it takes a look at how humanity uses, reuses, misuses, and regenerates the various resources our planet offers. There are parts that are absolutely riveting.

We stopped after about 1 hour because it was getting late, but we'll finish it tomorrow. It was just a notch or two over the head of our kids -- but there's plenty of time in the film to explain things. We watched the film in HD via YouTube, but you can also watch it directly through the film's website..

To be honest, the first 5-10 minutes aren't all that great -- kind of a 'where did we come from' visual essay -- but after that it's incredible. We had a fun night watching and discussin/explaining it. Give it a watch when you have an hour-and-a-half to kill.

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Manue said...

this movie is interesting and necessary, but makes me profoundly DEPRESSED.