22 April 2009

It's Not Just About the Directions

THERE ARE A lot of good 'map directions' website out there -- Map Quest, Mappy, Google Maps, just to name a few -- but I've got to admit that my favorite right now is Via Michelin, the popular site run by the French tire company. It's not that it's better at giving directions -- many sites do that just fine. What I love are the added little features: cost of tolls, estimated fuel costs, historical sites along the route, cafes on the motoroute, etc. But my favorite feature by far is this little symbol... ...which shows the locations of all the speed radars along your route.

I'm just mapping out our trip to Geneva and I'm making note of the speed traps. We'll leave on Thursday and spend a night in Annecy and two in Geneva. Like I mentioned a few posts ago, we're especially excited to visit Collonges-sous-Salève since Kerri went to school there for 6 weeks one summer back in the 1980s.


North of Andorra said...

Hey, thanks for the tip. We'll be driving from Leran, France to Venice and back this summer. This is good info. Love your website. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...