25 April 2009

Hanging Out at Mac-Doe

DO YOU KNOW what's great about McDonald's in France (besides 4 Euro Happy Meals, the coffee you can take with you, the new spring salads, and their hours)? Free Wireless Internet. For an unlimited amount of time.

That's in stark contrast to the hotel just outside Geneva where we are staying that charges 22 Euros for 24 hours of internet service.

That's why I'm sitting at the McDonald's just down the road from the hotel at 9:34 in the evening. In addition to my normal internet addictions (see the 'Reading List - US' tab on the right), I had a couple of urgent emails to attend to concerning our visit to Geneva. So...I jumped in the car after dinner and drove 800m to McD's, ordered a large coffee, and sat to to take care of a few things.

More on the trip when we return. (Teaser: our primary vehicle is currently sitting in a garage somewhere along the Route de Napoleon. Fun Times!)

Late Update: I'm looking at two workers at the cash register of McDonald's right now. One of them has hair like Slash and it's hanging losely by his shoulders. The other is virtually bald and he's wearing a hairnet. Just an interesting observation from Ferney-Voltaire, France.


David Giorgi said...

Hi Guys

I have no internet but see you are taking some time in our area. If you get to Annecy and want to catch up for a quick play with the kids/coffee, my number is 06 24 30 11 13

(sorry i'm logged in under my husband's account - very little time online - thanks France Telecom!)

French for a While said...

Only there for one day -- and only now (Sunday night) see this message. Another time would be fun.

poppy fields said...

And I thought airport internet was expensive...

Jennifer said...

We were in Geneva last week near my in-laws. The Museum of Nat; History is really well done and discovering dino skeletons impressed my 4 yr old boy. All museums in Geneva are free, balancing the expensive restaurants. Starbucks was a cheap alternative and converted the reluctant grandparents with their fresh sandwichs, coffee and cheesecake. When in Annecy, swing by Grenoble.