20 April 2009

Same Day, I Swear

HERE ARE A few photos that were taken at our house on the same day. We're having a kind of up-and-down spring in terms of the weather. Some days are warm, sunny and beautiful; others are, well, not. But last Thursday we had a bit of everything on the same day.

It was nice in the morning.
In the late afternoon this happened. That's hail.

More current-sized hail.

It's a bit fuzzy, but I'm trying to capture how the sun was shinning brightly way out at sea. I haven't figured out how to work all the gagets on our camera so this is the best I could do. But you can see the lack of cloud cover a few miles out.

Just before sundown. Sunny again.
Today was sort of like this again. I had to be in Monaco this morning and it was raining steadily. By the time I got home it was clear and beautiful. Is this normal? The kids loved today because it cleared up in time for them to go to a new park that has just opened nearby.
What will tomorrow bring?


Monique said...

Dang! I only got to experience hail in the South of France one day last year, around February-ish when it rained non-stop for about a month and a half.

It's always neat to get a little hail storm in the middle of a sunny day!

Hope you're all ready and gearing up for les vacances!

poppy fields said...

Hasn't it been weird!

Anonymous said...

as we say in France:
Avril..ne te decouvre pas d'un fil, Mai...fais ce qu'il te plaît.

parlez-vous-kiwi said...

Wow. That really is four seasons in a day.

Must be staaaarting to get nice in the next few months huh?

I am hoping to spend summer in France. Mmmm.

Manue said...

April showers!