05 April 2009

I Want to Ride My Bicycle, I Want to Ride My Bike

WE SPENT MOST of the day...doing this: (and no, the song attached to this video clip is not the Queen song referenced above).

Actually, it's not that he was 'trying' for months, he just like to ride around pushing the bike with his feet. It was only this weekend that he just started putting the feet on the pedals and going. Our twins didn't learn to ride their bike until they were nearly 9, so Henry feels pretty good about himself right now. And P &J are doing their part to make him feel good, too.


joan said...

Bravo Henry. Very impressive!!!! Pop Pop

joan said...

You get a prize! Gi Gi

angus said...

Yaaaaa Henry!! I will show Madison and Macy in the morning.

p.s. your dad is a fool!!

Anonymous said...

You're a natural. (That means: really good.)

Henry's daddy,
You're a natural. (That means: reall goofy.)

Dad / Chuck

beckywcs said...

Wow--Henry can make those right tight circles on your patio. Those turning radiuses are hard to keep your balance. The bike looks like pretty soon it will be too small for Henry, and when Jonathan rides it, well--there's no way to describe that! Henry, you're amazing--you're very co-ordinated like G-Pop. G-Becky

Manue said...

GO Henry GOOO!!



Nathan said...

Wow that was a spectacular example of how hard work and persistance can lead to pure and utter glee... your son learning how to ride a bike was cool, too ;-)

The Telfers at Warragal Park said...

hey Dad, have you thought about trainer wheels???