06 April 2009

Opening Day

IT DOESN'T MATTER where I live, Opening Day is special. The baseball season starts today. I'm a (sad) all-out fan of the Baltimore Orioles.

[Note: Sometime I'll tell you about the newspaper clipping I've had in my wallet since December 1, 2000.]



Gregg said...

Orioles play the Yankees this afternoon. Too bad you can't be at the game.

French for a While said...
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French for a While said...

I know. I've been to 4 or 5 Opening Day games. My favorite was a 12-1 win over the Brewers back in the late 80s. (I think).

Rick said...

I'm a tried-and-true Tigers fan (talk about bleak times) but lived in Balt for 7 years, so the Orioles grew on me. A Yankee-hateh! Lived two blocks from Mem. Stadium in it's waning days and saw many a losing game from the cheap seats. Also saw the Opening of Camden Yards and the All-star festivities the day before the actual game. Good times.