17 April 2009

Friday Funny Clip

IF LAUGHING AT this clip makes me insensitive, than put a huge sign over my head that reads: 'insensitive'. Watch it all the way through.

[A personal note. This clip is from a newscast on NBC4 out of Washington, DC. The two men on the set are Jim Vance and George Michael (and don't let me forget Susan Kidd, who is also in the clip. She was an alternate anchor). I didn't seek this particular clip, it's just the one that comes up because of Vance and Michael's reaction. But it was fun to see because I grew up watching these guys every night at 11:00pm (just before bed). Vance and Michael have given me more news than just about anyone throughout my life.]

But didn't you like the clip?


Tyson said...

Funny! What's up, Jonathan, it's been awhile. I hear my new brother-in-law might be passing through your way in a bit. Enjoy reading your blog, I for one wouldn't mind seeing more politics! - thought you might like that...

angus said...

Okay...that was funny!!