19 April 2009

Bread, But No Photos

KERRI HAD A successful day in the kitchen yesterday.

She is beginning to bake more and more and just for fun she thought she'd try again to make some french-style breads (a first-attempt a couple years ago produced what can only be described as a whole wheat baseball bat). So she decided on a couple of recipes and made two different batches of bread. Since I have no photos to show you (we forgot) you'll have to take my word that both were a huge success! She made a couple of baguette-style breads that were crispy on the outside and dense and moist on the inside; then managed some honey-wheat rolls that were absolutely delicious. We took the bread to the beach in the afternoon where we met some French friends who issued an informal stamp of approval.

I'm consuming some of the baguette right now with a bit of butter -- OK, tons of butter --and some homemade apricot jam from a neighbor. If I had a cup of fresh coffee, preferably not from France, my evening would be perfect.

It was our friend Sandrine (who is French, but now lives in Denmark) who initially tried to help Kerri with bread-making. Well, two years later and we have good, homemade French bread in the house. We thought about Sandrine as we ate tonight.


Anonymous said...

Whole wheat baseball bat. That's an image.

angus said...

Congratulations Kerri!!! However, should any of the shafts break on the Lacrosse sticks that we brought over, you can simply replace them with one of your earlier baguettes!!!