17 April 2009

Ah, Spring Break -- French Education Style

I COULD NIT-PICK about some of the challenges I face working within the French educational system, but why would I do that when they incorporate 8 full weeks of vacation into the academic year!

Spring Break begins today and that means a two week holiday that is a bit later than usual due to the late Easter weekend. We've been pretty ambitious during other breaks, but this time we're mainly going to stay here and enjoy the (please be good) weather. We have reason to be in Geneva next weekend so we'll take a few days and wander through Annecy, Geneva, and perhaps revisit Chamonix. Kerri spent part of a summer just outside Geneva (at Collonges) when she was 16 and she hasn't been back since -- so that could be fun. And she's always told me how much she loves Annecy and the kids and I have never been.

Meanwhile, we'll relax around the house, visit with some friends, hit the beach, ride bikes, and I'll grade loads of papers (after I catch up on US politics and sports).

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