14 April 2009

Happy Tax Day

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15 is the day Americans must file their tax returns. As Expats living overseas we have an automatic extension until June 15. I'm about 99% sure about that.

If anyone happens to know if I'm wrong, could you email me.

Right away!

It's 10:45 on Tuesday night and if I'm wrong, I've got a long night ahead of me.

Oh, and yes -- we qualify for IRS Form 2555.



Jonathan et Kari said...

My understanding is that you're right about the extension. (But i've never been brave enough to test it!)

French for a While said...

I actually spoke with someone at the IRS who confirmed the extension. Whew!

Notre Vie Juteuse said...

wow...I had no idea about the extension. le sigh!
What's form 2555?