09 March 2009

Want to Explore the Rhône Valley Sometime?

ONE OF THE fun things we did with Kerri's parents during the winter break was see the house that a friend of ours recently bought in the charming provincal village of Sablet. Sablet (see photo) is located just west of Mont Ventoux about 12 km south of the ancient Roman village of Vaison-la-Romaine. The area around Sablet is absolutely gorgeous with vinyards and wine houses as far as the eye can see. Those of you who are familiar with the Côtes du Rhône wines will recognize names like: Gigondas, Vacqueyras, Roaix, Séguret -- all are produced in villages very near Sablet.

When we arrived in town we quickly found the house (we had the address) after asking a couple of locals. Once we reached the house Kerri's dad phoned the friends in California to let him know we were standing in front of their place. Since they didn't know we were going to be there I think they were a bit surprised -- in a good way. They quickly arranged for a neighbor to let us in to see the place. In a word: fabulous! Set in the vieux village, but with modern amenities (including a great kitchen and two beautiful terraces) it is a terrific looking place. And the best part: you can rent it for a week (or two) if you want.

So instead of blabbing on and on, let me just link you to to the site with all the information. Here's a couple of photos from the site (including that great kitchen).
Aside: just today on the way home from work I stopped off for a few food items and noticed my local grocery store (Champion) was featuring...a Sablet wine. I would have never noticed if not for our trip to the village of Sablet.
Update: Michel just sent a comment to say more info can be found at Sablethouse.com


Jennie said...

I love all those villages in the Vaucluse. They are so pretty! It's the only part of France where I'd want to live forever.

Anonymous said...

Jonathon and Kerri

We were very surprised but definitely pleasantly so to get your call saying you were all in front of our house in Sablet.

I just wish we had been there to welcome you personally. Hopefully, we can do that in the future and have you stay around for lunch or dinner. That would be great.

We were so honored that you took the time to come and visit Sablet and check out the house. I am curious where else you went with Les and Joni to visit in the Vaucluse while you were in the area.

Thanks for sharing the pictures and web address for our house. We welcome visitors. There is a lot more information and pictures at www.sablethouse.com

We are headed to Nice for a day when we are in Provence in April. Maybe we will be able to hook up.

Take care. Michel

Anonymous said...

Mont Ventoux....please!

Anonymous said...


Since I didn't sign in and left it as anonymous, I want to make sure you guys know I didn't post the anonymous smart comment about the spelling of Mont Ventoux. I would hate someone to criticize my spelling after a long email or posting like yours. Michel

French for a While said...

Typos are overrated! I tend not to worry about them too much, especially when it's midnight. But I did fix my typo. :)