08 March 2009

Les Bullets

THAT'S THE AFFECTIONATE nickname we had in Washington, DC for the local NBA team, the Bullets, before they changed their name about 10 years ago. And yes, we said les Bullets the french way -- without pronouncing the 't' or 's'. The Bullets are now the Washington Wizards (stupid name), but I'm holding out for a change back to Bullets when (if?) a new owner takes control of the team.

This weekend Patrick, Henry and I went out to shoot some baskets and I had to post these pictures of Patrick if only because I'm willing to bet no other 10-year old in France is rockin' a Wes Unseld jersey (that's him on the left). As you might notice from the big hair and little shorts, Unseld was in his prime in the 1970s. He led Washington to their only NBA title in 1978.

Note: We have to say a big Thanks to Uncle John for loaning Patrick the jersey until his kids are big enough to wear it!



Gregg J. said...

That is terrific. Kids should know that basketball existed before Michael Jordan.

Always Jarrod said...

Boo. I grew up a Sonics fan and therefore don't like to think about 1978.

Anonymous said...

liking the blog...hope to be able to see you guys in Frankfurt??!! or maybe somewhere in France, but this is looking doubtful...I will try to get a couple of days that will work best for me and see what works for you guys...most likely will have about a day or half a day to hang out...as I know more about our itinerary, we can go from there