11 March 2009

Xavier Darcos

IF YOU ARE not involved in French Education you probably don't know Xavier Darcos. I know the name makes it sound like he's a villan in a James Bond movie, but he's actually the current Minister of Education in France and -- if all goes well -- I'll be at a meeting and dinner with Mr. Darcos tomorrow evening. I say 'if all goes well' because there were some unexpected education strikes today -- what a shock! --that may require him to skip the meeting.

The conference I'm attending is at the Centre International de Valbonne -- the school where I teach --- and the goal of the meeting is to provide perspective and information about the International Option of the French Baccalaureate. President Sarkozy is pushing this option throughout France. Here's how the invitation reads:

Les plus hautes autorités de l'Etat français veulent bien marquer leur intérêt pour ce Congrès puisque le Président de la République française, Monsieur Nicolas Sarkozy, lui a accordé son Haut Patronage le Ministre de l'Education nationale du gouvernement français, Monsieur Xavier Darcos, prononcera le discours d'ouverture
So take note, high authorities. Sarkozy himself is sending Mr. Darcos who may or may not be able to make it.


Gomes Grégoire said...

So he's gonna be at the CIV!!!?

French for a While said...

No. He just called for the meeting. Too bad.