10 August 2008

Barca! Barca! (2)

THE BARCELONA POSTS will come in small bits, partly because I'm spending a lot of time watching the Olympics (more on that later -- I've got to deal with French and British TV coverage which means lots of Judo, Rowing, and Equestrian). But our friend
From Norway With Love (that's Roland, for those of you who know) recently asked if we saw any Antonio Goudi buildings. Well, yes, we saw lots -- that was one of the main things I was looking forward to in Barcelona. Here are just a couple:



Monique said...

have you tried the EuroSport channel??

They played all the international winter games tournaments that happened earlier on this year. And they played good sports, too!

katiez said...

I love Barcelona! When we first moved to Andorra we went there lots - it was still incredibly cheap, unlike current conditions.
As long as you're in the area... Can I suggest Villefrance de Conflent (walled, artist village), Font Romeau (largest solar furnace in the world) and the Petit Train Jaune (Little Yellow Train through the Pyrenees)...