08 August 2008

Barca! Barca!

WE'VE JUST RETURNED from our first visit to Barcelona. There are many reasons why it is one of Europe's great cities. Here's one of them:

We had a great time. More to come.



Our Juicy Life said...

we have been to barcelona twice and first time it was lovely, we spent 1 week there and then went to the island of Mallorca for a month...lovely. The 2nd time was in September, we flew into Barcelona and drove up to Perpignon france and then we flew out of Barcelona and we drove down there, 5:00 Friday, so much traffic, crazy busy, couldn't find a hotel because it was the world cup soccer and we cursed Barcelona...we had to stay down on the beach south of Barcelona. I must say seeing Duncan is sad!

Marit said...
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Roland said...

Donuts!!! We don't get them here in Norway like they make them back in the States. When we are back visiting my parents we go over the top with the Krispy Creams (glazed and hot)

Good to hear you had a great time. Did you get to see any Goudi buildings?