10 August 2008

Happy Anniversary!

KERRI'S PARENTS ARE visiting from Maryland and Sunday they celebrated their anniversary so the day couldn't go by without a photo and a greeting. One of the funny things about their anniversary is that they almost never get to celebrate it by themselves. Because of the date (August) they are almost always with their children and grandchildren on vacation, and that means very little peace. (But I suspect that like good parents and grandparents, they kind of like it that way!)

Happy Anniversary!



Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary love birds. Congratulations Les and Joni on your very special day. I hope you had a great celebration despite being with your kids and grandkids :-). Best wishes for many more years of health and happiness together. Enjoy your time in France. Michel and Shirley

Jennifer said...

Happy anniversary!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day. Sorry you had to celebrate once again with Kerri, Jonathan and all of those kids. Maybe next year you'll get to do something special...like visit the Twin Cities :)

Cheers and congrats!!
Jenny & Matt

uncleduh said...

Happy Belated Anniversary. I realize that France is no Myrtle Beach, but hope you were able to "enjoy" your anniversary just the same!

Chuck / Dad said...

Together, you are the Michael Phelps of Married Couples.

So if you don't go on to break all records for longevity and bliss, your fans will be really disappointed.