22 November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

NOT MUCH ELSE to say here,but we just sort of feel obligated to say a real big Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family -- wherever they may be.

We'll miss everyone!


benwygal513 said...

Did the Pittons make it OK?
It has finally gotten cold here. Kim, Harry and the two younger girls are in Nashville with Harry's mother. Ashley is in NYC with a Sociology class.
Kelly is in Panama.
Wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving holiday and fun with Joni and Les.
Reika and Ben

French for a While said...

PP and GG are here and we are having fun. The kids especially like having them here. The weather has been terrible so far, but it's going to clear up tonight. Happy Thanksgiving.

David said...

Well at least there was a feeling of obligation to say Happy Thanksgiving... How do you zay zis in French?

We think you guys are really cool. Make that old couple visiting take you out a lot... or at least babysit most of the time they are there.

Best from Dave and Becky and the girls. (Katie and Lesley)