26 November 2007

Café à emporter

HERE'S HOW EXCITING my life is right now: this morning on the way to work I phoned Kerri just to tell her how great it was to be drinking coffee in the car. You see, my in-laws (beau parents, I think) are here for a visit and they brought me a...travel mug. Yes, that popular bit of hardware that is so common in the States is impossible to find in France because it seems the French are allergic to the idea of having a cup of coffee to go (à emporter). I've written about this before so this is nothing new.
But this morning I drove to work with a hot cup of coffee in the beverage holder -- and it was great. When I took sips I held the mug up real high so people in other cars could see what I was doing, kind of like I was showing off. I felt a bit like Mr. Bean when he's proud of himself for something.
Couple my new travel mug that with the fact that on Monday we found a little café in Antibes that sells coffee to go and you have what I consider a pretty good week.


Cassoulet Cafe said...

That is hilarious! :) We, too, loved to drink our coffee in the car (well, the times we rented one) when in France and see the reactions of the Frenchies. Don't they ever wonder why there are cupholders in the car??????

Penny said...

Well, good for you! There's nothing wrong with importing the little things that make you happy. Although personally, I'd cut down on the Mister Bean impressions - not a good look ;-)