19 November 2014

Emile Zola: Hey, they like it!

IF GIVEN THE option, my kids still prefer to read in English.  My daughter in particular is somewhat averse to reading in French -- something about how she hates the passé simple  -- which is strange because she is an avid reader.  It is all she does sometimes.

This week in their French class they finished La Bête Humaine (The Human Beast), a late 19th century novel by Emile Zola.

The early reviews are in:  'It's the best book I've ever had to read in French.'

OK, you might not want to put that on the back dust jacket, but considering the source (my daughter), it is high praise.


Betty C. said...

What class are they reading that in? I was rather surprised that neither of my girls (including one in L) ever had to read a total work by a 19th century French author.

When they do read, both of my girls now read in English too (they are 21 and 23.)

cjscriven said...

2nde. They are reading lots of the French writers now.