28 December 2011

We Love This Apartment

ACTUALLY, WE LOVE being in the city.  Our apartment/hotel is on a main road in the heart of Budapest and we're especially fond of the view:  nothing special, mind you, but just a great city street.

Bedroom 1: Cute, clean, simple, comfortable.

(Photo taken out -- I'll explain later)


Anonymous said...

So you're an Andrew Sullivan fan too! I've just spent over an hour identifying this scene from his View From Your Window contest.

Best regards,

Lawrence Atkins

Anonymous said...

Beat me by a few hours. At least I can now get on with my day!

Lisa Wines said...

I was able to just drop the photo from Andrew's website into the Google search bar and it found your photo, even though you had removed it. (The internets saves everything!) I never knew that was possible, so I learned something today! :-)

frenchforawhile said...

Wow everyone, I'm stunned at all your detective skills. And yes, I though removing it would help.

Jonathan (French for a While)

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