28 December 2011

Not Much Rest on our 'Rest Day'

NO POINT, REALLY, in trying to describe the beauty of Budapest in a short blog post.  It is, quite simply, a stunning city -- especially at night.  We went full-tourist and got one of the hop-on-hop-off bus tours and it was worth it (as it usually is, we have found).  The company we used also had a boat option so we took the night tour along the Danube and the trip was simply incredible.  I'm usually not big on superlatives, but 'most beautiful city I've ever seen at night' might fit in this case (a quick search of Google will bring up some gorgeous photos).  Of course, we did other things as well:

Certainly the largest ice rink I have ever seen.  Six hockey rinks can fit along the width of this skating area near Hero's Square.

Naturally, we had to skate.
Won't use a superlative this time, but I've never seen a better Christmas market.
Already forgot what these are called (someone might be able to help).  Basically, it's BBQ rotisserie pastry dough
with cinnamon and/or sugar sprinkled all over.
One of the fantastic bridges that spans the Danube and connects the old Buda with Pest.
My very average camera only got one or two good photos during our night boat tour.  This was one of them: the Budapest Parliament building.
Oddly enough, I haven't had my 'Cup of Coffee' yet, partly because we have a kitchen in our hotel/apartment so Kerri and I had coffee 'on the inside' today.  But I'll get that cup before we leave tomorrow afternoon.

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