30 December 2011

Funny Bratislava

THIS IS CZECHOSLOVAKIA.  We'll visit three cities on the Danube during our little trip and today was the second: Bratislava, Slovakia.  Though it is the large downtown castle that dominates the skyline (see left), we found the most charming part of the city are the various, somewhat random bronze sculptures that are positioned around the old section of town.  We learned that they have become one of the main attractions in Bratislava and the number of people lining up to take photos with the statues sort of confirmed this fact.  People love them because they are fun, almost funny (as you'll see).

The streets of  old-town are littered with coffee shops and little boutiques and the large square in front of the National Theater has been transformed into...you guessed it...an outdoor public ice rink.  That's always good in our book.
Actually, not one of the statues, but a couple of cute figures outside a craft store. 
Posing for the statue aptly called 'the photographer'.
This sculpture, called 'Cumil the Peeper', is of a sewer worker taking a break and watching people pass by.  Our kids, of course, thought he looked like a "guy from World War I" so they got into firing position around him.
Seem appropriate that we get a photo with 'the French Soldier'.
Oh, look.  I even got in a cup of coffee in Bratislava.  Why is this guy taking my hat?
Downtown Bratislava
What a fantastic city -- one that is surely underneath the radar of most people traveling around Europe.

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