30 December 2011

Bratislava Loves Satan

THAT'S MIROSLAV SATAN, to be specific -- and it's pronounced Sha-tan.

Satan is a former All-Star and Stanley Cup Winner who played on 4 teams in the National Hockey League in the States.  He was a very good player for about 10 years, scoring 40 goals on at least one occasion.  Now, at age 36, he plays in the Slovakian Extraliga for HC Slovan Bratislava and is currently the third leading scoring in the league.  I know this because a) I'm a sports nerd who knows stupid things like this, and 2) I saw him play last night.  The Exraliga is one of the top leagues in Europe and the whole family went to a game against Dukla Trencin.  HC Slovan Bratislava won 3-0.

It was a home game so we're not sure why the team bus was out front.
Seven rows from the glass.  Ticket price: 6 Euros.  
Watching the action.

The aforementioned Satan.
Jumbo-tron says it all.  HC Slovan Bratislava wins 3-0.
I swear this game was purely a coincidence.  In no way did I plan our 'Cup of Coffee Road Trip' around the fact that the Bratislava team would be in town while we were.  Scout's Honor.

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