06 September 2011

How Many de's Are in Your Name?

I JUST FINISHED typing up all my class lists for the upcoming year and noticed that I have an unusually high number of students this year with hyphenated or multiple-word last names. I've always had a fascination with French family names, so I pay close attention to the ones my students have. My favorite so far is 'de Vanssay de Blavous', which I swear, is one last name (Hi Pauline, if you happen to read this). How great would it be to have a last name with four words in it. Some other favorites include 'Mazars de Mazarin', 'Pichot-Nussel', 'de Montjoye', 'de Beauregard', 'Ledoux-Vanex', 'Le Mont Beauquis', and a new one for this year: 'St Gal de Pons.'

All are just family names. Add a Jean-Marc, Pierre-Antoine or Sophie-Ann to the front of those names and you've got a name that would score pretty well in Scrabble.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck with my boring last name. Maybe I should be 'de' in front of it.

[Note: Yes, I know proper names aren't allowed in Scrabble -- it was a cheap reference].

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