06 September 2011

How Do You Say 'Sailing' in Latin?

TWINS GOT THEIR schedules today for the new year -- 5eme here in France, 7th grade for those of you back in the States. I'll resist the temptation to write a short analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the French educational system (and believe me, both exist) and instead just run through what a typical 12 year old is doing in school in the south east region of France. I'd be curious to hear how this compares with other parts of the world. Here are the subjects our kids have this year (with weekly number of hours).
  • French (4 hours)
  • English (5 hours)
  • Theater (1 hour)
  • Physics and Science (4 hours)
  • Math (4 hours)
  • History (4 hours: 2 hours in English, 2 hours in French)
  • Latin (2 hours)
  • Music and Art (2 hours)
  • Sport (4 hours)
  • I.D.O (2 hours...and no, I don't know what this is)
Latin is optional and P and J signed up for it this year (and by that I mean that Kerri and I forced them to sign up for it this year) so that should be an interesting challenge. But the part of their schedule that got me most excited was the fact that one of their sport activities is...sailing. They will take four hours each Monday afternoon to go down to Antibes and learn how to sail. Patrick is thrilled about this. Julia, not quite as much.

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