26 March 2011

Couple Days in Paris

I'M IN PARIS for a couple of days on one of the work related trips that brings me here 3 or 4 times a year. Once again the meetings I was attending were out in St. German-en-Laye at the Lycee International, but as usual I choose to stay in Paris rather than out in the suburbs. I'm staying an extra 24 hours because I've arranged to meet with a friend of a friend of a friend who works at the OECD and he has agreed to meet with me over coffee to dicuss my thesis (he's worked quite a bit on EU-Russia issues).

While I spent most of the morning studying in a small corner of the Starbucks on the Boulevard de Sébastopol, I've spent the last hour just walking around the city and enjoying the weather that was beautiful until the downpour that started about 15 minutes ago. I told Kerri that I finally have actual pages of my thesis written. First drafts, to be sure, but actual words on paper. After months of researching, reading, note-taking, outline-writing, and frustration-overcoming, I'll count this as progress.

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