23 December 2010

Picture from 1973

THIS PHOTO RAN in a magazine called Insight in 1973. My dad was either the editor or co-editor (can't recall) and a friend of his sent me the picture a couple weeks ago. I'm pretty sure it was taken in or near Georgetown in Washington, DC -- but I could be wrong. It's probably not hard to tell, but I'm the dude on the right...with the curls.

Whoa! Check out the Jean De La Bruyere quote at the bottom of the page. Foreshadowing my move to France?

But to fully appreciate the photo you need to see it in the original color version, for only in full color can you appreciate the fashion trends of the time -- trends my parents obviously embraced whole-heartedly. Take time to admire the plaid overall-shorts, skillfully paired with knee-high white socks and red and white wingtip shoes. You might also notice how effortlessly I pull-off the white mock-turtleneck, a staple in any hip, two-year-old's wardrobe. Ah yes, the 1970s -- when fashion had a little, shall we say, flavor.

A big thanks to Ron Graybill for sending the photo to me. And a little shout-out to Adrian and Torsten who are in this picture with me.

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