24 December 2010

Did It Again

THIS TIME WE went all in and didn't even tell the kids anyone was coming.

When friends and family come to visit we have a little game we play with the kids: we don't tell them exactly when they are coming, only that they are coming at some point -- that way there is an element of surprise. But because Kerri's parents made reservations to come for Christmas so late we thought we'd skip the part where we tell the kids that anyone is coming. So when Les and Joni rang the doorbell this morning, hiding inside some big boxes I put out in front of the house, there was real surprise on some of the faces around here.

We're glad they made it at all considering the travel nightmare going on in Europe right now. They were supposed to arrive Tuesday morning but were canceled due to the snow in Paris. Despite Les's best efforts (if you know him, you know what I mean) they were not able to get a flight until Thursday night. And, in a stroke of good luck, the flight was direct to Nice from JFK -- meaning no transfers in Paris. Why good luck? 50% of flights in and out of Charles de Gualle have been canceled today.

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chcmichel said...

I am happy that Les and Joni made it. I'm in Frankfurt waiting for my flight to Lyon. Its snowing and cold here, hopefully, it will be a little warmer down south. We hope to catch up with you and Les and Joni.